Japan Crate Candy Box 2017-09

Just receive the first subscription of Japan Crate Candy Box today. It comes in a sturdy mailing box, inside there are 13 snacks, one drink and a fidget spinner. The selection of snacks is well designed, half and half of salty and sweet snacks.  Kids are so happy with their first surprise box, will order another toy box in October. Japan Crate offers 4 different surprise boxes: candy, toys, beauty supply, and foodie; you can choose from month-to-month to one year subscription. Thumbs up to Japan Crate!! Subscribe here **

Ginza Rusk White Chocolate Cookie (full size)

ABC Cookie

Corn Snack Tube

Mango Picola Cookie Sticks (full size)

Soybean cracker

DIY pudding kit

Coconut cracker

Lemon Gum

Kids’ favourite: BBQ flavoured chips

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